Soul Refuge

I came to this cherry tree in the middle of Baker’s Wildlife Sanctuary at a time in my life when the stress was way up high. Things were great as I was building a new house and working on a huge art project, but inside me there was a different story going on. I was asking myself, “What happened to having fun, being curious, feeling free and alive?” The answer vibrated through the life of this tree that I stood before in silent amazement of. I became conscious of so many conflicting beliefs I had been holding onto about the way life should be which ultimately blocked me from experiencing the energy and love I had felt long ago as a young child.  

Since that time with the cherry tree, I’ve committed to using the gift of creating art as one of the tools I’ve been given to support me and others in healing and reconnecting to human life. I see that whatever works or doesn’t work in bringing a painting to life also holds true for bringing aliveness and joy to all my interactions in life. I allow a painting to unfold, evolve and reveal to me the parts of my unconscious mind that I’ve been keeping myself from seeing. I feel the presence of love while exploring the colors, patterns, rhythm, energy and light in a painting, and when this feeling meets with the image emerging from inside me and onto the canvas, a perfect combination is stirred for healing to happen. Hours, days, months or years could go by and the image created in that presence of love often becomes the spark for deeper release, understanding and insight that supports me in experiencing the truth of who I am.

-Tony Hendrick